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Frequently Asked Questions


We begin leasing on January 16th every year. If you want to keep your current apartment you must contact our office immediately.

How close to the University of Maine are your apartments?

Most of our apartments are very close to the University (less than a mile). We are also locted near the University Shuttle Bus Service. Please see the maps on our web site showing the campus and our apartment locations.

Do I have to sign a lease?
Yes, all tenants are required to sign a term lease with Cross Properties.  All leases end on the 24th day of the last month of the term.
Do I need references?
Yes, we require you to fill out our Renters Application and provide us with your previous landlords contact information or a reference.
Do I have to give a security deposit?
Yes, a security deposit is equal to the monthly rent and management will go over the required deposit with you.
When will my rent be due?
All rent is due on the 1st of each month.
How do I pay my rent?

You may deliver it or mail it to us at 161 Park Street, Orono, ME 04473 on or before your due date. Or if you prefer to pay online, ask us about payment options.

Note: Lessees shall be charged a $35 fee for returned checks.

Is electricity included in my rent?
It will depend on which apartment you are interested in.
Is heat included in my rent?
Yes, Cross Properties pays for heating expenses.
Do you offer internet services?

No, internet service is available at our apartments but Cross Properties does not provide it.

Is there adequate parking for my vehicle?
Yes, there is adequate lighted parking available.
Do I have to take care of my own snow removal or lawn?
No. Cross Properties takes care of all snow removal and lawn care.
Do I have to take care of my own trash?
There are dumpsters on site at some locations, at others the town will pick trash up curbside weekly.
Are there washer/dryer hook ups in your apartments?
Ask management about the complex of your choice, some have washer/dryer hook ups and/or laundry facilities.
May I have pets?
No pets are allowed of any kind.
Does Cross Properties have an emergency phone number?
Yes, just call our 24/7 emergency phone number at 207.866.7867
Is my apartment belongings insured through Cross Properties for fire, burglaries or other mishaps?
No, Cross Properties does not provide insurance for its lessees. We recommend that you purchase Renters Insurance for your own protection.
Can I pay my last months rent with my security deposit?
No. Security Deposits are not acceptable for rental payment.
Do I have to clean the apartment before moving out or does Cross Properties take care of this?
You, the lessee, are required to clean the apartment, including all appliances. Refrigerators must be cleaned, shut off, and the door left open.
Do you inspect the apartment before returning my security deposit?
Yes, there should be no damage beyond fair wear and tear. No scores or unsightly holes on the walls are acceptable. All burned out light bulbs must be replaced.
After moving out, when will I receive my security deposit refund?

Provided you meet the requirements of the Security Deposit Agreement, you will be mailed a full refund within thirty days of the ending date of your lease.